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My gallery, full of boy love, girl love, Mpreg, and OCs!


stuff I like and/or fangirl over. :3 YAOI! YURI! MPREG!!!



One day, while Miyagi was organizing some papers after the classes were over, Shinobu walked into his office.

"What are you doing here?" Miyagi asked when he saw his pregnant lover.

"The classes are done for the day right?" Shinobu said. "I thought I'd drop by."

Miyagi let out a sigh. "It's not that I don't want you here, but I thought I asked you to stay home."

"I can't!" Shinobu cried. "I hate being in that place all by myself! On top of that, our daughter's been driving me crazy!"

Miyagi crossed his arms. "How can she do that?" he asked with a smirk. "She's not even born yet."

"No," Shinobu said. "But she's making me eat everything I see, so we're already out of decent food, and she's been kicking my ass nonestop for days!"

Miyagi let out a chuckle. "Sorry," he said. "I don't mean to laugh." He smiled at Shinobu. "Still, if you want to sit down and wait for me, I'll be done here in a bit."

"Alright." Shinobu said, pulling up a rolling chair and sitting down.

Soon enough, Miyagi finished filing and sorting his papers, and he went over to Shinobu, kneeling to him. "So you say she won't stop moving?" He said, putting his hand on Shinobu's stomach. Sure enough, he felt the baby moving about within.

"Yeah.." Shinobu said, blushing. "It's hard to get any sleep lately." He blushed brighter when he noticed Miyagi pulling up his shirt.

"Let's see if I can reason with her." Miyagi said, pressing his head to the bulge that carried his daughter. "Hey there." he said, smiling. "I know I'm busy, but you're gonna have to settle down. If you don't let your .. um.. Shinobu sleep, we could have a problem."

"Miyagi..?" Shinobu said, blushing.

After a few moments of silence, the active movement in Shinobu's stomach finally settled down, and Miyagi kissed the bulge. "That's my girl."

Shinobu smiled. "Thank you, Miyagi..."

Miyagi stood up, and helped Shinobu onto his feet. "How about we go out to eat?"

"Really?" Shinobu said, pulling his shirt down.

"Yeah," Miyagi said. "Anything you want."

"Sure." Shinobu said, taking Miyagi's hand.


So they went to the family restaurant, where Shinobu ordered both an entree and a dessert. While Shinobu at his slice of chocolate cake with ice cream, Miyagi's phone went off.

"Excuse me," he said, picking it up.

"No problem." Shinobu said, still digging in.

"Hello?" Miyagi said when he answered his phone. "Oh, Kamijou. ... Yeah, we're just having some lunch. Well, we had lunch, and Shinobu wanted dessert. ... Well, you should know how your appetite goes up during that condition. ... Okay, okay, sorry."

Shinobu rolled his eyes at this, still eating his dessert.

Miyagi soon hung up his phone. "After this, you wanna just take a walk?"

"Sure." Shinobu said. He pushed his plate slightly to Miyagi. "You want some? I wouldn't want to finish this without at least asking."

"No, that's quite alright." Miyagi said, smiling. "At my age, I don't really care for sweets."

"You sure?" Shinobu said. "Not even a bite?"

Miyagi shrugged. "Maybe just one." He picked up his fork, and got a little of both ice cream and cake onto it, and put that in his mouth. "Not bad." he said. "Good choice."

Shinobu smiled. "Yeah..." he said, then continued to eat.


After they were done at the restaurant, Miyagi and Shinobu decided to walk along a sandy beach, holding hands.

Miyagi knew this beach all too well. "This is where Sensei and I used to come."

"The one you loved?" Shinobu said, looking at him.

"Yes." Miyagi said, gripping Shinobu's hand a bit tighter. "I have you now. And we're expecting a child, a daughter."

"Yeah.." Shinobu said, putting his free hand on his stomach.

The lovers decided to stay at the beach until the sun went down. They sat down on a bench, watching the sunset. Miyagi had his arm around Shinobu, as the younger boy had his head on his shoulder.

"It's beautiful." Shinobu said, smiling.

"Yeah, it really is." Miyagi said.

"By the way," Shinobu said, looking at him. "I think I've come up with a name for her, if you'd like to hear it."

"Alright." Miyagi said, looking at Shinobu.

Shinobu folded his hands over his belly. "The name I thought of means 'child of happiness,' and I think that'd be a good choice. I think I'd like to name her Sachiko."

"Sachiko, eh?" Miyagi said, smiling. "I like that, and the meaning." He cupped Shinobu's cheek in his hand, and kissed him. "To be honest, I hadn't really given names much thought. I'm glad you thought of such a nice one."

Shinobu blushed, still smiling. "Miyagi," he kissed him again. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Shinobu." Miyagi said, putting his arms around Shinobu, one hand feeling at his stomach. "I promise you, our daughter will be loved, as well. I won't let anything happen to her."

Shinobu hugged Miyagi, tears starting to form in his eyes. "Oh Miyagi.."


"Are you sure?" Miyagi asked as they were looking at paint swatches.

"Yes." Shinobu said. "I think a very light purple would be nice in her room."

"I guess." Miyagi said, scratching the back of his neck. "I get that we're both men, but are you sure you don't want to paint the room pink? It is a girl, ya know."

"It's because we're both men that I don't think we should paint the room pink." Shinobu said. "For all we know, being raised by two men will turn her into a tomboy."

"Good point." Miyagi said, holding up the light purple swatch. "So this one?"

"Yeah," Shinobu said. "I think that's a good shade."

"So do I." Miyagi said, smiling.

Shinobu sat down. "I don't suppose I could get a foot rub?"

"Your feet hurting already?" Miyagi asked.

"A little." Shinobu said, slipping his shoes off his feet. "I'm only at about six months, so it's gonna get worse.."

"Okay." Miyagi said, kneeling down to Shinobu, taking his foot. "By the way," he said, rubbing. "What's your idea about having a baby shower eventually?"

Shinobu shrugged at this. "I'm not really into that kind of stuff, but if someone did throw me one, I wouldn't mind."

Miyagi chuckled at this. "I heard from Kamijou that one of his friends is gonna throw one for his childhood friend's expectant lover."


"Yeah. He said that it's gonna be a surprise. Apparently some sort of fangirl is planning it. I don't know her, so she probably won't invite someone she never met."

"Yeah that's true." He started rubbing at his undercurve. "I wouldn't really want one, but I wouldn't complain either way." He blushed. "On one hand, it's a nice gesture. On the other, I'd be kind of shy."

Miyagi gave Shinobu a little peck on the lips. "Just stay close to me." he said, smiling. "I'll protect you."

"Bastard.." Shinobu said, annoyed. "I'm not defenseless."

"Maybe, but I know that being pregnant makes one more vulnerable." Miyagi said, continuing to rub Shinobu's feet.

"I just hope I don't run into any problems." He sighed. "I just don't want my daughter to suffer in anyway, or have any harm come to her..."

"Like I said, I'll protect you. That goes for both you and Sachiko."

Shinobu smiled at this. "You'll be a great father."

Miyagi smiled at him. "You too."


One day, Miyagi arranged a romantic dinner for Shinobu. The two sat down in his kitchen, their only source of light being the candles set up in the room.

"So," Shinobu said. "What did you want to talk about?"

Miyagi smiled. "I'm glad you asked." he said. "You see, the more I think about the fact that we're going to be parents, the more happy it makes me." He got up out of his seat. "Really it's that, and how happy I am around you. The more I think about that, the more I realise that I really want to be with you, no matter what."

"Miyagi..?" Shinobu felt his heart race as Miyagi got down on one knee, taking out a small box.

"Shinobu..." Miyagi said, showing the simple gold band in the box. "Will you marry me?"

Tears formed in Shinobu's eyes the moment he heard those words. "Am I dreaming..?" he said. "I ... I just.." He quickly got out of his seat to hug Miyagi tightly. "Yes..."

Miyagi returned this hug, putting a hand through Shinobu's hair. He then smiled at Shinobu, wiping away the tears of joy from his eyes. Miyagi smiled at his fiancee, and gave him a kiss. He took his left hand, slipping the ring onto the finger.

"Now that we're engaged," Miyagi said, smiling. "I'm just wondering, would you rather we get married before or after the baby is born?"

"Well," Shinobu said, looking down at his belly. "We've only got three months before she's born, so that doesn't leave a lot of time to plan a wedding. Maybe we could start planning it, and we'll figure out a date after she's born."

"Sounds good." Miyagi said, then kissed Shinobu on the forehead. "Also I know that wedding-planning can be stressful, and I'd rather not put you through that during your condition."

Shinobu smiled at him. "That's very considerate."
Baby Terrorist chapter 2

wow. I've had this on a flash drive this whole time. Why did I take so long to post it? I guess I wasn't sure if I should've ended this chapter the way I did, or maybe I wasn't sure if it was finished or not, I don't know...

either way people have been asking for a chapter 2 for quite some time. -_- well, here it is. The long awaited chapter 2 of my Junjou Terrorist Miyagi x Shinobu mpreg story. sorry if it's out of character in anyway....
Happy Birthday, Panda by CrystalRobot
Happy Birthday, Panda
Yep. Tomorrow is my friend Panda's 24th birthday, and I'm going to his party in cosplay. I also got him something nice. ^^ Yes, Panda is one of my cosplay/Otaku buddies. He's awesome, so I drew him something cute to put in the gift bag along with his present. Panda is his nickname, in case you were wondering. XD;

so yeah. Crystal/Fangirl in a panda jammy suit for Panda! XD

(the hands and feet are lighter because I didn't wanna use my mechanical pencil on it, and i couldn't find the black pencil...)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PANDA! (no known dA account)
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Well, first of all, I've gotten one step closer to getting stuff to sell at an artist alley. I've invested in a Badge-a-Minit, which is a hand-press button maker. I got it on eBay for $30. And it came with 10 button sets. So if I make those 10 and sell them at roughly $3 a piece, I could make back the money I spent on it. I already have a few button designs ready for printing. I actually just fixed my printer finally. I already made the first one. ^^ so yeah. I'm happy about this.

Also I had an interview with Dominos the other day. I got an email from them saying they have not selected me, but may contact me about local opportunities in the future. I sure hope so... I was so ready to be a pizza delivery girl... oh well. maybe something else will happen soon. I hope...

yeah that's about it.


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